Being a fun parent / stay at home dad

Being A Parent Is One Of The Most Difficult Jobs In The World

You have to work hard to provide for your kids so that they don’t lack anything. One of the toughest parts of the journey is deciding on how you are going to raise them in a way they will grow up to become responsible adults.

So, can you be both a strict stay at home dad and a fun stay at home dad, or do you need to be one or the other?

Being a fun parent / stay at home dad

Let’s Look At Being A Strict Parent First

There is a necessity to becoming a strict parent. I think first and foremost it gives you a feeling of control and let’s face it you are there to guide them through life and to help them make the right choices. If you’ve no control how can you guide them?

Having that sense of authority ensures your kids take you serious and implement what you are telling them.

Being strict to your kids can help them learn what is right and what is wrong. This sharpens their decision making ability because you are hopefully teaching them the difference between right and wrong.

Even if it’s not the appearance you want to portray you have to pretend you are the boss of the house and nobody should mess with you. Of course you yourself have to draw boundaries that can’t be crossed.

When you’re too strict though you run the risk of your kids becoming more afraid of you. They will prefer being away from you and this will naturally weaken your relationship. As a parent your children should be comfortable being around you.

Strict parent / stay at home dad

Once your kids are afraid of you, the chances of them opening up to you about any challenges or problems they are facing become much slimmer. They will be forced to lean on other people when they are worried about something happening in their lives and they may be offered the wrong advice.

They will become afraid of making mistakes because they are afraid of how you, as their dad, will react.

Everyone, even me makes mistakes – though don’t tell Karen I said that!

Mistakes are good. Mistakes teach your child lessons. Lessons they can put down to experience and learn from. If they become afraid of making mistakes they won’t learn and they won’t be risk takers – a character that is almost certainly required for them to become successful in later life.

So, choosing wisely when to put your foot down and when to just loosen the reigns a little will go a long way in ensuring your kids are open and comfortable with you.


Now Who’s Up For Being The Fun Parent?

Let’s face it, we all probably want to be the cool fun dad don’t we? Your children are part of you, in fact they are a smaller version of you. When you strike a good relationship with them you become good friends and you get to enjoy each others company.

Together you get to create special memories that you can’t create with anyone else.

If you’re not constantly banging on about responsibilities and making mistakes they will be more comfortable when they are with you and can express themselves without fear. This will help you understand your children’s character and give you the opportunity to encourage or correct them.

Encouaging children as a stay at home dad

Your children will feel much better about seeking advice from you when they don’t know what to do, rather than when you are too strict and they are afraid of talking about how they feel.

When you are an easy going parent your kids will probably love you more and will be proud that you are their parent. They will become comfortable with introducing their friends to you, and this will help ensure you know who your kids are associating with.

Children with easy going parents may have a larger opportunity of becoming more successful because their parents are more encouraging and open with them.

However, there are definitely disadvantages to being a fun parent too.

Being a fun parent means you will have to tolerate things you maybe don’t want to condone. When you’re tolerating bad habits, the chances of your kids loosing direction are increased. Kids can, and will, take advantage of you if they can and do whatever they want because they know you are unlikely to punish them.

When you become too friendly the chances of them disrespecting you are high and they may even lose their sense of moral judgement at a tender age.

Controling disrespectful children as a stay at home dad

They may not take what you say to them seriously because most of the time you’ve been too easy on them. This will make disciplining them a daunting task and it becomes much harder to get them to do what you want.

In the end, like most things in life, it all comes down to finding a balance.


Being Both A Fun & A Strict Parent

Sometimes you will be forced to become a strict parent in order to maintain order in your house. Other times you need to be their friend and a mentor. Combining both of them will ensure your kids respect and love you without fearing you, they will know that every action whether positive or negative has a response from you that is for their benefit.

Your kids will grow up knowing that there are boundaries in life that should not be crossed.

If you are too strict or too fun as a parent your kids run the risk of being extreme, like you. Finding the balance will ensure your children moderate the things that they do. As I said earlier, each child is a smaller version of you and they will imitate your character to a high degree.

Now, does that excite or scare you?!

Where will your affiliate future take you?

If you’ve read my review of Wealthy Affiliate then you’ll know that I’m a fan of online marketing and it is a way to make money online. The truth however, is that internet marketing is not a quick way to make money online!


Not The Laptop Lifestyle

I’ve only been running this site a few short months and for the moment it produces only a little in income each month. My other site,, has been going for over a year (although it was completely revamped earlier this year) and returns more money but neither produce enough to substitute for a ‘full-time’ income.

I also have another additional income stream from ‘matched betting’ and between the 3 of those I don’t need to get a, let’s call it a normal job 😉

Let’s not forget that Karen still works full-time too so although we may go on holiday three times a year, have two cars, own our own home, for the most part we are extremely careful with our money.

We definitely don’t live the so-called ‘Laptop Lifestyle’

Living The Laptop Lifestyle With Internet Marketing - Is it Possible?

We budget for nearly every eventuality. I get cashback whenever I can and I shop about to get the best deals on almost everything we buy. That said, I don’t always buy the cheapest because I always research any major purchase beforehand and if I can get a bit better quality for not too much more then I’ll go for spending that little extra, because as the advert says “we’re worth it”!


Time And Effort

My contribution to our income has taken a lot of work, make that a lot of repetitive work. I’m up before eight in the morning every day scouring for the best ‘free bet’ offers available, which I then have to post to the website which could then mean having to write complete new pages for any new offers that I come across.

So some days there’ll be no brand new offers and it’s much quicker to update the site and I can get it done in an perhaps an hour or so. However quite often there will be days when I have to spend up two, even three hours just updating the site. Then there’s the social media posting to do which I try to get done in the morning and occasionally again during the day.

Those are the easy days!

If I want to add a new ‘how to’ guide then I have to research it first and then get in all down, format it correctly, add media, etc. So add that to what I’ve already did in the morning and I can be working on the site for the best part of a full day!


Is Internet Marketing Easy?


Then there’s also this site. Like I said earlier this site is still in its infancy and it’s taking time to add a significant amount of content. I could pay someone on ‘Fiverr’ to write articles for me but I don’t want to lose the personal touch because that’s extremely important to me.

So I aim to add at least one new post a week, hopefully two and have the site slowly mature in to something that will have great content that people can relate to and provide a greater income for us, because at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about my friends 🙂

So the truth is that it takes work, a lot of work. It takes time – and it can take a lot of time. If you do your research before you start (which again takes time) and get into an area that a) inspires you and b) has a good target audience then you may start earning within a few months.

The truth though about internet marketing is that you will probably be a year, and most likely even longer, before you start generating the kind of money that will allow you to even think about quitting your ‘normal’ job.

Anything of real value takes time to grow and you need to accept that building a business is a marathon, not a sprint!

So Why Get Into Internet Marketing

The reason for getting into online internet marketing is for your long-term future. For all the reasons above, it’s certainly not for short-term gain. By all means celebrate the small achievements along the way, they’ll help keep yourself motivated, whilst you work towards the bigger long-term goals.


Making Friends Through Internet Marketing


Look to the future… Wouldn’t it be great not to have to go out to work every day and get paid to do a job you simply don’t like. Wouldn’t it be nice to say “do you know what, no work today – let’s go out” whenever you want and know that you’ve created an online presence that’s there 24/7, 365 days a year earning you money in the background 🙂


* Main picture courtesy of Marvin Nisperos